Weíre done here. Yes, I removed the forum because really thereís no point in maintaining a Sonic forum nowadays and I canít be arsed to fix all the files since I barely have any time. Either go to Sonic Retro or Sonic Stuff Research Group.

Iím using the forum license for something else that is more useful, so the 200 bucks wonít go to waste. To the one who injected PHP backdoors in the files: Fuck you, hope youíre happy now.

The 3 years were fun. It was really interesting to see how SGD grew and itís been a great time. Thank you, to all users who went along with the ride and made SGD a pleasant place to be. Thank you, to all the people who helped along Ė you know who you are.

As for the people who have a webspace on SGD, yes it will stay and I donít ever plan on taking these down.

Yours truly,

~ SonicVaan

Sonic Games Dimension (2013 Ė 2016)